The Team Troon Challenge Rio Secco

Happening in Las Vegas is a really cool activation event we are executing with the Team Troon players that are in town. Members of Team Troon joined us at Rio Secco Golf Club to hit (what we believe is the first of its kind)…a 145 yard shot from a floating tee in the middle of the lake on the par three 16th hole at Rio Secco. If a player makes a Hole In One, they will earn $1M HIO prize (with half going to the charity of their selection). In addition, a $10,000 charitable donation is on the line for the player who wins the Closest To The Pin. Each player selected local charities to shoot for (ie local charities that have been impacted with COVID related challenges).

team troon Drone justin thomas
Above is a shot of Justin Thomas hitting from the floating tee.

Team Troon members Justin Thomas, Gary Woodland, Matt Kuchar, Matt Fitzpatrick, Alex Noren and Cheyenne Woods took part in the Team Troon Challenge which involved each golfer taking a boat to a floating tee box in the middle of the lake on the par-3 16th hole and hitting four, 145-yard shots. Did one of them make an ace and win big money for charity? Check out this great segment from Breaking Par TV.

Here is a fun Behind the Scences video of the event

Follow @Troon or @RioSeccoGolfClub social channels for the action….and be sure to share, retweet, etc. Media friends of Troon are covering the event, including Breaking Par TV that will share highlights on their next episode. More to come on that…until then follow the action via the social channels above.


Of course, the aforementioned Las Vegas Team Troon shot at Rio Secco Golf Club is definitely shareable, but in addition to that…

David Song 

November 26, 2020 1:42 pm ET

What do Justin Thomas, Gary Woodland, Matt Kuchar, Cheyenne Woods, Alex Noren and Matthew Fitzpatrick have in common?

For starters, they are all part of Team Troon, a group of professional golfers representing the Troon brand. And as part of a recent renewal of the Team Troon initiative, these golf pros took on their most novel challenge yet. Make a hole in one. From the water.

That’s right. Our partners at Breaking Par — a half-hour monthly show on Fox Sports Networks throughout the United States — documented the challenge in a recent episode, where J.T. and company traveled to Rio Secco Golf Club in Las Vegas to raise money for local charities impacted by COVID-19. Each competitor was boated out to a 12-by-12, fully turfed floating tee box in the middle of a pond. From there, each had an opening shot from 145 yards. If that ball went in the hole, they would win $1 million (half of which would go to a charity of their choice).

Afterward, the golfers tried to put three more shots from the same tee box as close to the pin as possible. The closest of these would net the winning contestant an additional $10,000 to be put towards charity.

“I’ve never hit a shot off of an island tee box before, so it definitely stands in a league of its own,” said Thomas.

What happened next?

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