Cologne is celebrating her first birthday in style! This birthday party was nothing less than perfect, and it was all due to this Scottsdale event planner, Chelsa.  Chelsa is the founder and owner of Evoque, a full-service event planning & concierge company. Her desire for all her events is to “Evoque” an emotional feeling – sparking conversation, laughter, and excitement. She works align to align her client’s vision with a detailed plan so that you can enjoy the important moments to the fullest.  And that is just what she did for sweet Cologne and her family!

Chelsa took her client’s vision of pastel colors and butterflies and created a beautiful experience for this sweet one-year-old. There was a perfect blend of activities for both the kids and adults.  Kids were able to jump in the bounce house, roll around in the ball pit, get their faces painted, or even make homemade play dough.  And the adults were able to converse with one another in the lounge area while sipping their summer cocktails.

We hope you will enjoy a look at this beautiful birthday party and continue to read below in order to hear from Chelsa herself about how she planned this event.

We also know that after seeing this epic cake smash you will want to work with some of these amazing vendors as well.  Their contact information is at the bottom of this post.


Chelsa is the founder and owner of Evoque, a full-service event planning and concierge company in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“Cologne’s first birthday celebration was inspired by Emily and Cody Burgat’s vision of pastel colors, with an emphasis on purple and butterflies. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to collaborate on many private celebrations at the Burgat residence over the last three years. Together, we have creatively utilized every inch of their backyard in numerous ways, so that no two events are the same, as well as inside their home. However, this was a celebration like no other. This particular event was to honor their first child, Cologne, as she turned one. I knew it had to be special and unique and in an area of their home that was unexpected with colorful butterflies galore!” Chelsa, Scottsdale Event Planner ~ Evoque

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“I pitched the idea of hosting the party in their front yard. This was the only location we had never utilized before. They had plenty of space in their backyard, so guests were expecting a backyard afternoon birthday party in honor of the birthday girl. With over 100 guests and children coming by, it was something they had to think about. How can a front yard be transformed into an event and be safe with so many children? Many of her friends were asking the same question and were wondering how it could be pulled off. Thinking back to my younger days, I enjoyed spending time with my family in the front yard and I always dreamed of a white picket fence. In order to make it feel like you weren’t just walking into a front yard, I based Cologne’s pastel butterfly birthday vision all on a white picket fence lining the front yard….and the idea worked! We were fortunate enough to work with so many talented partners who were able to bring the pastel butterfly theme to life and transform their front yard into a butterfly garden!” Chelsa, Scottsdale Event Planner ~ Evoque

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“My favorite part of the event was utilizing the white picket fence I had only dreamed about as a kid. This blocked the entire front home but allowed two smaller separate entrances and naturally created an event space where guests felt they were transformed into another space and felt safe with their own children. I wanted to make the white picket fence look like it was meant to be there so I had the florist weave greenery throughout the fence and partnered with a design company to create 2′ 3D pastel-colored butterflies that were attached all along the fence and an oversized 8’x5′ 3D butterfly backdrop for photo ops. The florist tied in the theme with bright butterflies popping out of all the floral arrangements which brought a whimsical garden feel throughout the yard. With almost 30 kids attending, we set up activation areas with sensory stations, face painting, an ice cream cart, a dessert cart, a bounce house, and a ball pit while the adults were able to relax in the adult lounge area sipping on butterfly-inspired cocktails. One of the guests even surprised Cologne with a box of real butterflies!” Chelsa, Scottsdale Event Planner ~ Evoque

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Scottsdale Birthday Party, Butterfly Birthday Cake, Cake Smash Session,
Scottsdale Birthday Party, Butterfly Birthday Cake, Cake Smash Session,
Scottsdale Birthday Party, Butterfly Birthday Cake, Cake Smash Session,
Scottsdale Birthday Party, Butterfly Birthday Cake, Cake Smash Session,

Photo Fusion Studio absolutely loves to celebrate milestones – especially first birthdays! And what could be a better way than with a Cake Smash sessions. For a one-year-old, every day holds something new, and they are bursting with curiosity and exploration – new toys to play with, new food to eat, new places to explore, new people to meet. This session is a great way to capture that curiosity along with the expression that comes along with it. A birthday cake is new as well – which lends itself to the perfect setup to capture that curiosity, exploration, and delight (or disgust).

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Epic events like this are only made possible by the teamwork of these A-MA-ZING Scottsdale event vendors:

Florals:Form Floral (IG@formfloral)

Custom Backdrop & Butterflies: Noble Dizzigns Rentals (IG@nobledizzignsrentals)

Vinyl Decals & Paper Products: Page & Parcel (IG@pageandparcel)

Furniture:Dang Fine (IG@dang.finerentals)

Food Truck:Yum Rockets (IG@yumrocketaz)

Mobile Bar: Dashing Spirits (IG@dashing_spirits)

Balloons: Create & Inflate (IG@createandinflateevents)

Custom Crafts & Sensory Tables: Casita Curated Play (IG@casitacuratedplay)

Ball Pit: It’s a Tots’ World (IG@itsatotsworld)

Face Painter: Hello Face Paint (IG@hellofacepaint)

Bounce House: Inflate Forty-Eight (IG@inflatefortyeight)

Dessert Cart: Ruze Cake House (IG@ruzecakehouse)

Ice Cream Bike: Craft & Pedal (IG@craftandpedal)

Dessert: A Bake Shop (IG@abakeshop)

Linens:BBJ La Tavola (IG@bbjlatavola)

Fencing, Tables & Chairs: Bright Event Rentals (IG@brighteventrentals)

Lighting:Sound Lighting FX (IG@soundlightingfx)

ABOUT Chelsa and Evoque

Chelsa is the Founder and President of Evoque, a full-service event planning and concierge company. Before incorporating Evoque, Chelsa spent over fourteen years in Scottsdale, Arizona organizing events for luxury resorts and private venues such as Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Marriott International, Hyatt, and Arizona’s iconic venue, El Chorro. During that time, she also became a dedicated volunteer and board member of a nonprofit group, Scottsdale League for the Arts. This organization plans the Nation’s longest-running annual Scottsdale Culinary Festival along with various culinary-driven fundraising and social events throughout the year.

These accomplishments have led to building partnerships with Arizona’s top hospitality professionals and vendors. Chelsa thrives on being a connector and a trusted resource for all her clients’ needs. She is eager to share those relationships to create meaningful and tailor-made experiences for you.


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