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Photo Restoration by Photo Fusion Studio

Since COVID-19 many of us have been spending a lot more time at home now. Sometimes we’re looking for things to do around the house. We imagine your place is spotless since you have more time at home right? Maybe you’ve reorganized, decluttered, and done every puzzle you own. So what’s next?

We here at Photo Fusion Studio humbly suggest that it’s finally time to organize your photos. Maybe you’ll even find that you could use some photo restoration to protect your family history. 

Here’s why…

People often say that family photos, wedding albums, etc. are the first thing they’d grab if their house was on fire. This means that your printed photographic art is pretty darn important! After all — you likely spent what seemed like a small fortune on them at the time. 

Your family photos are your visual history and invaluable personal possessions. They’re either a fixture in your home or perhaps have been neglected a bit and could use some TLC. 

Others may just have become forgotten relics of your past. But it’s time to do something about it. 

Organize Your Digital Photos

You might also just have thousands of images on your laptop or phone of your children, dog, travels, and the like. There might be others that you’ve printed that are hidden away in a shoebox somewhere. Current times offer you the perfect opportunity to finally do something with them all. 

Sure, you’ve been meaning to. But we’re willing to bet it’s one of those projects that keeps getting pushed to the side, because… life. 

The first step should be to organize them and/or get them backed up so they are safe and secure. If you’re looking for help on this project, which will offer a fun trip through memory lane.

Get Damaged Photos Restored To Look Like New

Time can be unfriendly to printed art. 

Whether it’s from sunlight, cleaning chemicals, or simply time, your pictures can suffer some wear and tear over time. But if you come across worn, torn, faded, or otherwise damaged photos while you’re organizing, you don’t need to toss them or just leave them be. You can have photo restoration done to preserve your cherished memorieFors and family heirlooms.

For more information or to start your photo restoration project, here’s a link to our Photo Restoration page

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