Bruce Battoe portrait by Everardo Keeme
Bruce Battoe portrait by Everardo Keeme | Photo Fusion Studio


I highly recommend Everardo Keeme with Photo Fusion Studio. I know that anybody who works with Everardo is going to be happy. Anytime that he has shot photos of me, like for my profile picture, it has always turned out to be the best photo of me that basically, I’ve ever seen. And this is testimony not just to his skills as a photographer, which you would expect from a professional photographer, but he has a way of making people feel comfortable, bringing out the best in people for the camera. I would really think of nobody else to go to for my own photos.

As a professional video production person, I get people all the time saying, “Hey, do you also do photography? Can we get you to do our headshots?” Or something like this. And I say, “Well, photography and videography are actually very different things. Different equipment, different lighting. If you want to get the best result, I’ve got a photographer for you that will give you the best results.” And that’s what Everardo does. He has an amazing, beautiful studio that you’ll feel comfortable in, or he’ll come to you. If you need that at your company, in your setting, he will travel and come to you. This is why he’s as successful as he is. People recommend him all the time, so you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Bruce Battoe

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