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So…how do you wrap up a fantastic year? We figured it out for our 2023 Year in Review.

  • 1 Studio based in downtown Phoenix
  • 3 Owner/Photographers
  • 6 Cameras
  • 3 Busted Flashes
  • The furthest we traveled for a client this year was to Dublin, Ireland.
  • 3 Associate Photographers
  • 16 Hard drives with 116 TB of storage
  • Roughly 1476 cups of coffee
  • 1 karaoke singer at our holiday party
  • and drumroll please, the number of images our cameras took this year
(give or take a few thousand)
Headshot Sessions
Family Portrait Sessions
Mini Portrait Sessions
Digital Marketing Sessions
Weddings and Engagements

February was our busiest month of the year

November was our 2nd busiest month of the year
In 2023, we had 442 photography sessions ...
Compared to the 385 we had in 2022.
And 27 are already booked for 2024.

None of this would be possible without all of your shares, likes, comments, and confidence in our resources. You are the lifeblood of Photo Fusion Studio and together, we’re helping more and more people and their businesses grow! Thank you for playing such a pivotal role in our growth. We wish you the best this holiday season and the year to come. Let’s do it all again next year!

Some of our Personal favorites from 2023

What was your favorite photoshoot of 2023?

2023 had many great photoshoots and many new clients. One of my favorites from this year was for Sherwin-Williams Commercial floor coatings. We had the opportunity to go to Scottsdale Airpark and photograph hangers that had recently been recoated in a new non-slip epoxy floor coating material.

The client came to us with a clear list of images that they were looking for to showcase the space and we took it from there. One of those shots was the client wanting to show details of the proprietary non-slip service that their products provided for this customer. This job was a great example of a great commercial client who was a pleasure to work with. 

What did you learn as a photographer or business owner this year?

This year was a lot of learning new workflows and photography techniques. Specifically setting up organizational structures to make sure workflows are in place to track and complete client jobs. Learning more about valuing ourselves as photographers and making sure that our time and effort are valued.

As a business owner, I was able to look at the artistic part of my job separately from the "business" side of myself to help ensure that we are going to be set towards a successful future.

What do you want to learn or do more of in 2024?

Going into 2024, I want to learn new shooting techniques that elevate the quality of work for the studio. This could include new lighting techniques in the studio or new ways to process images in post-production.  Also learning to help manage some of the new individuals we are planning on bringing on board to to the studio. Throughout the year I want to travel for work and meet new people. So far we have a few jobs booked that will allow me to travel out of state to photograph conferences and events but I'm looking forward to more events and shoots in the future that allow us to travel on-location and capture great images.

Tell us something personal or random to finish out the year.

A little look into a part of my family and the people(and dogs) I will be spending my time with over the holidays. 

Daniel Tooker 2023 Family Christmas Card

What was your favorite photoshoot of 2023?

Without a doubt, my wedding! It's not often the groom gets to photograph his lovely bride. It was a moment that only she and I shared since everyone else's eyes were on her walking down the aisle.

nicole everardo wedding 230217173627
A special thank you to Christina, Daniel, and Ketura for photographing our event.
nicole everardo wedding 230217175638
and this is how Mr & Mrs Golf ( got started!

One of my favorite clients though is Tori Totlis and her passion and energy in helping women and growing the game of golf for women. Even though I spent 10 years as the Official Photographer of the Phoenix Open, which was fun and I learned a lot, but honestly, these women and these tournaments and retreats are more rewarding for the soul.

What did you learn as a photographer or business owner this year?

2023 was a big year for us as we learned more about working together, sharing, and delegating responsibility to each other. It's not always easy when we are used to running our own businesses but trusting and learning more about each other is making us stronger as owners, photographers, and individuals.

This year was also difficult as it was time to let some clients go, many we had for years and had not raised our rates since before COVID ... BUT by doing that we created the space for past clients to return and the opportunity for us to serve new clients, families, and individuals. Quality over quantity.

What do you want to learn or do in 2024 related to photography/business?

I miss attending photography conferences and being active within the photography community. So while I cannot make WPPI or Imaging this year, I plan to attend those in 2025. For the remainder of 2024, I will still look for other photography conferences and workshops to attend. It's great being surrounded, inspired, networking, and sharing with other creatives.

On the business side of things, I've always had a hunger to continue to learn new skills that will make our clients, studio staff, and personal lives better through the services and products we offer. So whether that's reading business books 🤓 or attending other business or personal development classes it's going to be a fun year of learning in 2024.

Mr and Mrs Golf
Mr & Mrs Golf

Tell us something personal or random to finish out the year.

Like many couples these days, my wife and I met online and both of our dating profiles included golf as a favorite pastime, so naturally our our second date was playing a round of golf. Since then we have enjoyed the game as a couple and found this to be the par-fect way to enjoy quality time together.

We created Mr & Mrs Golf with the idea of growing the couple's golf community. Our mission is to give couples the confidence to get out on the course and grow their relationship by enjoying the game of golf together.

What was your favorite photoshoot of 2023?

Every year, my favorite sessions happen in the fall when I get to see families I photograph every year as a part of their annual Christmas traditions. Some families I have been photographing for over 12 years!!

What was your event your photographed in 2023?

This year one of my very favorite clients was TikTok. This year TikTok hosted its first live music event in Mesa, but the night before the festival, they hosted some of its top creators and influencers for an event that we had the honor of photographing! Even though my children had to tell me who many of the people were in the room, I was totally enamored by the fashion, the colors, the art, and all the beautiful people who were at the top of their communities. Each person was unique and so very talented in what they did as an individual - yet so very supportive of everyone else in the room. It was spectacular!

What did you learn as a photographer or business owner this year?

2023 was a year full of milestones! 20 years ago I photographed my very first wedding! However, as a photographer and a business owner, I am learning something new every day. I have been a solopreneur throughout the entirety of my journey as a business owner, but this year in particular, I have been learning what it looks like to work on a team. This year was a year of growth as we learned the strengths of each partner as an individual and the strengths of Photo Fusion Studio as a whole.

What do you want to learn/do in 2024 related to photography/business?

In a way, I got into business by accident. I was a mom who was working as a campus missionary and homeschooling her kids. From the beginning, building this business has been about feeding this need in me to be with people, to encourage and love others.

The camera is simply a tool that I use to love on people and bring out the beauty in people - allowing them to see themselves the way EVERYONE else already does!! This year I am excited to do that in the studio - focusing on women and the portrayal of true beauty. My goal is to photograph 50 women over 50 and then showcase all the portraits and stories in an exhibit in the fall of 2024.


IN THEIR 50s, 60s, 70s++


Tell us something personal or random to finish out the year.

This year Stefan and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by taking a 25-day vacation in Italy. We were married just two weeks out of high school and have never traveled without children for more than five days!! (I wasn’t sure if after a couple of weeks alone I would still like him. HA!!) We hiked along the coast of Cinque Terre, explored art galleries in Florence, laid on the beaches of Sardinia, did all the “touristy” things in Rome, and ate gelato EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And after it all . . . I can honestly say I love him more than ever!!

To each and every one of you,

As the saying goes, “Gratitude is like gravy—put it on everything!” So we pour out our thanks to you for choosing Photo Fusion Studio as your photographer of choice.  

Your patronage, your presence, your reviews, and shares—all of this keeps our business alive and makes our line of work a pleasure each day.

Photo Fusion Studio is rooted in relationships, health, and growth … and you are the ones who bring it to life. Every day we are blessed with new energy, new perspectives, and the new friends that you bring into our studio each day.

Not only are we excited for 2024 with you, but we also have some big goals and big ideas that we can’t wait to share. So stay tuned! 

But for now, we hope you enjoy the end of 2023!

With thanks,

everardo christina daniel

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