8 POST Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Tidy 

The holidays were chaotic; there’s no way around it. Family visiting, rearranging the house to fit holiday decorations, gifts, kids running around, it’s all a bit too much. So, it’s common that things get a bit messy and disorganized during the holidays. So, here are some tips to keep your home tidy and make the most of your holiday cleaning session. 

1. Schedule and Plan the Cleaning

Cleaning a whole house is overwhelming. That’s why scheduling it can make it bearable. Set a list of priority high-traffic areas like the living room, kitchen, and guest spaces. Dedicate a checklist to each area so you don’t miss a spot. You can even consider hiring a cleaning company for any specialized cleaning, like floor rugs and window cleaning.

2. Declutter

Holidays often involve gift-giving, which can lead to an accumulation of new items. Before the festivities begin, it’s a good idea to declutter and organize your living space. Remove unnecessary items and find proper storage solutions for the things you want to keep. You can also enhance your holiday spirit by donating any items you no longer need but are still in good condition

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3. Seize the Opportunity to Deep Clean

Deep cleaning is not something you do every day. Since holiday decoration or decluttering requires moving furniture and accessing closets to move things around, this is a proper time to deep clean, including dusting and hard floor cleaning. Seize the opportunity to have family and friends around who can help you. 

4. Pay Special Attention to the Kitchen

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The holidays include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s big dinners. So consider giving your kitchen special attention. This involves decluttering pantries, deep cleaning the oven and stove, moving the fridge, and tackling other significant tasks.

Kitchen cleaning not only improves its overall functionality. It also allows you to check for any potential hazards that could go unnoticed during the year and extend the lifespan of your supplies.

5. Prepare Guest Areas

The best part of the holidays is receiving everyone you love under your roof. That’s why a big part of holiday cleaning includes cleaning and preparing guest areas and rooms for overnight guests. Ensure guest areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and common spaces are clean and inviting. In the bedrooms, freshen up linens and fluff pillows and provide extra blankets.

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6. Decorate Responsibly

Decorating is an all-family activity, so it’s an excellent opportunity to learn and teach how to properly and responsibly do it. Start by making sure your decorations are secure, which will avoid potential fire hazards. To make a thoughtful decoration, consider using eco-friendly decorations whenever possible. For example, you could use energy-efficient lighting options to minimize electricity consumption.

7. Check Emergency Supplies

Besides deep cleaning, checking your emergency supplies is an important yearly task. Take a moment to review and restock emergency supplies such as first aid kits, batteries, flashlights, and fire extinguishers. Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in proper working order. Familiarize yourself with emergency exit routes and discuss safety measures with your family.

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8. Get Ready for Quick Cleaning

Accidents can happen when celebrating. Prepare to deal with spilling accidents by keeping essential cleaning supplies accessible for quick touch-ups throughout the holiday season.

The holiday season begins in November and finishes in January, so establish cleaning routines and schedules to stay on top of daily maintenance tasks. Don’t forget to encourage your family members to contribute to cleaning, making it a team activity.

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