Here a little graphic of how our year went, we’re hoping your year ended well despite everything that may have happened. As always, thank you for taking the time to read!

From all of us at Photo Fusion Studio, we wish you a safe and healthy holiday season. Oh and please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your photography needs!

image 13
  • 1 new studio location in downtown Phoenix, AZ
  • 118,607 images taken in 2020
  • ≈ 6 TB of hard drive space in 3-systems to keep these images safe
  • 5 staff and interns throughout the year taking photographs and helping this year.
  • 99% of our photoshoots were canceled when COVID-19 started. Most of these were events that were canceled.
  • We still managed to have 241 clients in 2020
  • 23 restaurants Everardo helped with free photography to promote their takeout menus. Watch the video here or read about some of those restaurants on our blog.
  • 1 cute little Chief Bark Officer, our studio Dachshund injured her back this year but thankfully she’s standing and walking again, phew!
  • 100% THANKFUL to have made it through the year (healthy) and looking forward to 2021 being a much better year!

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