lovepup photo session at photo fusion studio phoenix

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras

The #LovePup Photo Session

#LovePup Photo Statue by Photo Fusion Studio in Phoenix, AZ
  • 30 Minute In-Studio Sessions
  • Includes one 7″x5″ Pet Statuette
    • You can upgrade to a 10″x8″ or we have lots of other prints and artwork available for your pup
  • Limit of two animals per session


Appointments are required. DO NOT just show up—you must book your session so we have you scheduled. Please click below to book your session.


Our 30-minute #LovePup photo mini-sessions are held at our studio in downtown Phoenix.


  • If you would like a certain prop or blanket for your session, please bring it with you. For sanitary reasons, our studios will not provided props for pet photography sessions.
  • Make sure your pet has gone to the bathroom prior to your studio session. This will help prevent accidents and keep anxious pets at ease.
  • Bring a supply of treats or your pet’s favorite toy. Animal cooperation is critical for great photos.

“I Think Having An Animal In Your Life Makes You A Better Human.” Rachael Ray