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You only get one first impression

It couldn’t be more true than in the professional world, especially when someone in HR is searching through a pile of applications. If your headshot is blurry, is an awkward crop from a group photo, or is otherwise unprofessional, you might get removed from consideration right then and there, no matter your qualifications. You need your headshot to show that you’re successful, confident, trustworthy, and marketable.

So we’re sharing 5-Tips for getting a better headshot to help you out, just fill this out and we’ll send it to you right away!

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Short Answer = Every 1 to 2 years

Remember you have less than 7 seconds or less to make a good first impression.

This happens way too often in the dating world and in the business world as well. Why would you treat that any differently?

“It’s frustrating to expend the time and effort exchanging messages and traveling to meet someone only to find out they misrepresented themselves. “

Christian when talking about people using old dating photos. So why would the business world be any different?

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Build Trust. You may have heard of people putting a face to a name. Having a professionally photographed headshot for your business will make you ‘real’.

A professional headshot can improve your marketing strategy. Some businesses don’t really represent themselves in a way that humanizes the business. It makes it seem more automated. Attaching a human face to your lead magnet strategies will give your company a human face. Not only that, but it also makes your business seem more legitimate when the people behind it are visible rather than hidden behind the scenes.

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Employers Look for a Professional Headshot When They Google You

The answer could make a difference between a job and the unemployment line, or a happily ever after and nights alone. That’s why you need to run your own search first.

Don’t want to take our word for it? Read up on Kim Komando’s Special for USA TODAY “Why you should Google yourself now

More confidant. Less Nervous.

You want a headshot that matches your style, brings out your best features, and presents you at your very best to make a great first impression. Your headshot is your introduction to clients and employers and is incredibly important to getting your foot in the door and establishing your credibility.  That’s why you need a professional photographer from Photo Fusion Studio to capture your business headshot in the Phoenix area. 

So we’re sharing 5-Tips for getting a better headshot to help you out, just fill this out and we’ll send it to you right away!