French Method Salon

Adele with the French Method Salon Phoenix
Adele with the French Method Salon Phoenix

The French Method of hairdressing approaches each head of hair as an individual to create personalized shapes that are unique to the face shape and hair texture. Utilizing the client’s natural texture and growth pattern to maximize body and minimize fuss, the French Method ensures ease of styling and in most cases a “blow and go” style. In a world where we are all so busy, who doesn’t want hair that will virtually style itself?

French Method Salon is an open concept space furnished with repurposed and recycled furniture pieces for a unique and environmentally conscious touch. With only 3 stylist chairs, clients boast of a peaceful environment, positive energy, and spaciousness inside. Throughout the year we will be hosting various Fundraising events and DIY styling seminars to help clients fuel their own passion for hairstyling because after all “Passion is at the heart of beauty.” Like us on Facebook to keep posted on these events!

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Lauren Edmondson Makeup Artist

I believe that every person I work with is inherently beautiful.  I work with my clients to make sure that they always feel radiant and at their best-whether it is for a portrait session, day of their wedding, or any excuse to feel glamorous. 

I am experienced working in studios, on video production sets, weddings, and anywhere makeup is needed. Commercial experience includes: La Mesa RV, Wings of Hope Hospice, American Heart Association, assistant for Agency AZ Crossroads, and more. 


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