Susan Schmitz of Photo Fusion Studio

Susan Schmitz

Founder, Co-Owner, Photographer, Pet Lover

Studio Founder and Co-Owner, Susan Schmitz embraces the beauty of a clean photographic image. Even the studio embraces this style of simplistic, modern aesthetic.

At A Dog’s Life Photography, Susan specializes in commercial and stock animal photography Don’t let “A Dog’s Life” lead you astray, Susan photographs many animals other than canines; she has everything from small insects to large animals like tigers in her portfolio that may be perfect for your next pet project.

Everardo Keeme of Photo Fusion Studio

Everardo Keeme

Co-Owner, Photographer, Dachshund Lover, Sweet Tooth

Co-Owner of Photo Fusion Studio, Everardo Keeme is also a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) You can find his work at Everardo Keeme Photography and  Twelfth Year Senior Portraits.

Celebrating his 6th year as the Official Photographer of the Waste Management Phoenix Open,  He specializes in Commercial Photography and Senior Portrait Photography.  Focusing on the clients exact needs rather that a cookie cutter approach, for him it’s more than a picture, it’s a passion!